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Get the "behind the scenes support" your small creative organization needs to... 

ROCK your mission!

Tailored IT solutions for your nonprofit or event company.

About Us

RockIT Project:  Empowering Creatives with Strategic IT Solutions

Our Story

At the core of RockIT Project lies a dynamic fusion of innovative problem-solving and a deep-seated passion for the transformative power of technology. We pride ourselves on being "creative-adjacent," dedicated to making creative organizations more organized and effective through tailored IT automation and integration services that align with your business strategy.

Our journey began within the complex high-tech sector, where we fine-tuned our expertise in managing extensive, global IT programs. This experience was pivotal in boosting efficiency and enhancing connectivity across vital internal operational processes.  It was here that we developed our distinctive approach to IT consulting, marrying industry-leading practices with a personalized touch that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of our clients.

RockIT Project's proficiency transcends the conventional bounds of IT. Driven by a personal passion for live music, we ventured into the world of live event management, taking the helm as stage managers for a plethora of rock, pop, and jazz concerts at major festivals and concert halls. This unique intersection of technical acumen and creative insight equips us with a profound understanding of the innovative pulse that propels small creative nonprofits and event management companies forward.

RockIT Project's mission is to enable small, creative entities to harness the same level of success traditionally reserved for larger organizations. Our secret to delivering impactful results lies in our expertise with low-code automation tools like, which serve as the linchpin in connecting and integrating your processes across diverse platforms such as Airtable, Mailchimp, SAP, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, and WildApricot (a membership management platform). By streamlining these systems, we unlock new possibilities for efficiency and innovation within your operations.

Let's embark on this journey together, merging creativity with technology to craft solutions that resonate with your mission and ambitions.

Our Services

Crafting Solutions To Unleash Your Creativity

At RockIT Project, we are dedicated to helping small organizations utilize the same techniques previously available only to larger organizations.

Take a look at examples of the services we offer below.  Reach out if you are interested in these or similar services.

Integrated Data System Representation

Platform Integration & Automation Consulting

Do you just need to get data from platform A to Platform B? 


We can create a new integration using or help improve your existing integration.  If your platform has an API, we can likely integrate it.

Some platforms with which we have current experience:  Airtable, WildApricot, Mailchimp, SAP, Quickbooks, Google Sheets.

Integrated Business Process Representation

Process Mapping, Improvement, & Automation

Do you need to take a wider look at your business and its processes? 

We can help map your processes and recommend a solution for integrating and automating portions of your business.  And, we can help execute your transformation with your team members.

OKR Representation

Business Objective Mapping and OKRs

Does your team have a difficult time prioritizing and focusing on what's important?

We can help your team craft a vision and break it down into an Objectives and Key Results framework, helping your team be aligned as you strive to reach your vision.  


RockIT Project is...

Rock-N-Roll +

Info Technology +

Project Management

* backed by an Aerospace Engineering degree aka "your own personal Rocket Scientist" ! 

Based in Austin, Texas

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